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 Feral Tank App

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PostSubject: Feral Tank App   Sun Jul 13, 2008 10:57 am

Have you read our rules? Yes

Name: Andy
Age (18 is required, unless you can prove your maturity): 33 :-(
Country: UK
Language: English

Character Information

/Played Time: 35 days on this char

Equipment (link to eu.wowarmory.com): or use (caught me in flight form tho)

Previous guilds? If so, why did you leave?:

On horde, was in Horde Emp on my priest, left due to work commits, and joined lore. Have been there since with my chars. Prior to that was one of the MT's in Saga on Ally.

Computer Information

CPU: AMD 64 X2 Dual Core 6000
Graphics card: Dual GeForce 8600 GTS
RAM: 4g
Connection type: 16mb

Would you consider your PC/connection stable, i.e. what is your FPS (frames per second) and latency? Its stable enough, but you can never eliminate the worst timed DC

Can you use Teamspeak? Not required to speak. Listening is required. Yes, although currently use Vent

Raiding information

As a raiding guild with goals to get through as much stuff before expansion as we can, all members are asked to have at least 50% raid attendence, is this a problem for you? Based on the raid times mentioned, its ideal, so yes I can

What is your raiding talent build? Feral

What is your role in raids? (examples: maintank, offtank, dps, healer) Mainly a tank, be that off or main depending on the boss. Complimentary DPS when not tanking, and healing as needed during raid.

What consumables do you consider useful for your raid role? Food, and pots mainly. As druids cant currently use pots in fom, not as important, but come a future patch, we will be able to *Cheer* :-)

What is your previous raiding experience? (instances and bosses)
Prior TBC, MT on Ally, cleared most stuff, upto and including a couple of Naxx wings (also excluding that crazy end bos of AQ40)
Post TBC, all but last boss in SSC, TK. And first boss in MH. All the other instances prior to those also. Doom lord also,

Did you experience the above with the character/class you apply? (Y/N) Mix of chars.

Are you willing to respecc to the guilds needs; if accepted? Certainy

Additional Information

Why exactly do you want to join us? Lore unfortunatly came to an end due to summer and other reasons. Keen to see more of TBC end game so wish to continue raiding. However, I dont really want to join a BT farming guild, and your around the same level where Lore stopped. So its an ideal level for me. Having raided with you yesterday in Gruul, you seemed organised, and hope for some quick progress in SSC+.

What do you expect from us? I expect fun, and new encounters moving forward. Also expect to join a group of ppl who will look to raid as efficently and effectivly as possible, but without losing the fun element.

Why should we accept you? Humm..seems an odd question, so Im not going to answer. Not really one to shout about how good or bad i think I am.
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PostSubject: Re: Feral Tank App   Sun Jul 13, 2008 12:43 pm

Accepted. Please contact me in game for a guild invite.
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Feral Tank App
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