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 Guild Rules

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PostSubject: Guild Rules   Wed May 21, 2008 7:47 am


Guild leader - Barguest, Agonizer and Mumoftwo

Officers - Boovar, Blackpaw, Crysis (agonizer). Happyjoyjoy. Gusmeister

1. Essential mods and programms.

a. CTRA – mandatory for every raid. Always check if your installed version is the most up-to-date.
b. DamageMeters - mandatory for those who do DPS during raid.
c. TeamSpeak – at least in listening mode in every raid.
d. Boss Mods - is a must have for all raids
e. KHL threatmeter/Omen - Essential. You will not be taken to any raid if you dont have this.

2. Behaviour in guild

a. Rude behaviour towards guild members is not acceptable.
b. Mutual relations are to be discussed privatly. Do not spam the guild chat with problems that don’t relate to other members.
c. Begging or any other kind of such player solicitation is not acceptable.
d. Before asking someone check if the information you seek (e.g. quests, mobs, items, tradeskills, guides) is not availible on the web sites like http://wow.allakhazam.com and http://www.thottbot.com . If you can’t find the information on these sites or don’t know how to search for it, ask for an advice guild chat or speak private to a player.
e. If you need help, don’t spam the guild chat, ask players privately. Also keep in mind that you have to ask for such help in time, and that not always help is going to be available.

3. Behaviour outside the guild

a. Rude behaviour, begging, spaming, and other kind of player solicitation is not acceptable regarding any of the guild players.
b. Any action that could impair the reputation of this guild is considered as an offence.
c. If you are playing together with another guild, or several, and you are not the raid / group leader, clarify the rules and obey them. If you are the leader of the raid / group, announce the rules in the begining of the run.

4. Instancing and raids

a. Arrive at the instance on time.
b. Arrive at the instance with a fully repaired gear.
c. Arrive at the instance prepaired – having the required ingredients, pots, learned the tactics if such are used or availible.
d. Buffing and HS (HealthStone) acquiring at the beginning of raid happens until /rar (raid ready check). After that the warlock/mage/druid priest can refuse your request.
e. When target assignment is taking place everyone pays their attention to this task, and does what they are required, so the raid does not get unnecessary delayed.
f. If you need a break to rest, or any other biological needs – state your absence by anouncing it in the raid chat. Additionally use the ‘/afk x min‘ tag whereas the x is the probable time of your absence.

5. TeamSpeak rules

a. Hints and directions have to be declared plain, no rude language is allowed.
b. Swearing is prohibited as your conversations might be heard by the relatives of the players.
c. If the way of your language cant be meet with points a and b, and you are continuously bothering players and their relatives with rude language, you will be silenced.

6. Loot rules

a. BOE (Bind On Equip) – green, blue and purple items – NEED roll. If someone or several raid / group participants need the item in question, they use /roll 100 and the winner (highest rolled number) takes the item.
b. BOP (Bind On Pickup) – PASS. After everyone has passed on the item, loot distribution takes place according to DKP, or /roll (other minor instances). Loot is distributed by the Raid Leader (RL).
c. If you have taken a BOP item without the permision of the RL, you will be discarded of this items doubled DKP value. If this occurs in an instance which items do not use the DKP values you will still lose DKP. If this occurs again, you will be excluded from the guild. If such violation occurs and no Officer is witnesing it, please make a screenshot and submit it to one of the Officer.

7. Items, offered in the guild chat or forum

a. GREEN – vendor price
b. BLUE, PURPLE – half of the median price indicated by http://wow.allakhazam.com

8. Tradeskills

a. Supply – for free or through a mutual agreement.
b. Crafting:
i. if the player supplies his own materials – for free
ii. if the crafter supplies the required materials, he can request a payment calculated according to medium AH prices.

9. In case of a problem consult the guild leader (Barguest, Agonizer) or one of the officers (Mumoftwo, chopperdave). If noone of the listed players is availible, make a screenshot for a later submission. You can also use the in-game mail system or forum PM.

10. If a violation of these rules has taken place, the person responsible will receive an official warning. Second warning is issued together with the lowering of the guild-rank . There is no third warning, the person responsible will be excluded from the guild.

11. If you can not make a raid you MUST make a note in the known absences.

12. IF people are inactive for more than 16 days without warning ( Noted in known absence) and good explanation. You will be removed from this guild.


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Guild Rules
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