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PostSubject: Welcome   Tue May 20, 2008 4:30 pm

Welcome ladies and gentleman.
This is hard like a heroic a newly formed guild with alot of ex raiding colleagues of mine, basically, we have experience all the way up to Mount hyjal and my joint Gm has experience within Black temple.

We are purely a fun PvE guild, who aim to make the guild a good, happy, fun place.
As fun as we are we take raiding very serious, and because of some of us who have experience up to BT, we expect co-operation and do everything that is needed to make this guild fun.

At the moment im going to start it as a soft, fun, non core guild. Looking possibly at 3 raids a week, unless people want more otherwise.
Generally we are aiming to get everything done by the time Wotlk comes out.
Now some might say, "oh well he is optimistic; Wrath Of The Lich King is out in the next couple months around september time"
Well for them, thats what i am my lovely people. Im an optimist Very Happy

We are aiming to get in to 25 man raids as soon as possible. No doubt though, we also aim to get people geared up within the guild.
So as poor or slow and non progressive as it sounds, if people need stuff in kara in order to become better geared, i will take a trip into kara every weekend and will aim to clear it in one night.

This guild has alot of close friend and within the guild we like to keep a friend, active, happy environment.
If this guild sounds like the guild for you and you are actually willing to help us progress, then make an app and we will get back to you A.S.A.P

One more thing check guild rules before you apply to see if you can follow them and its for you. See ya around all.
GM Barguest
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