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 Hunter -pew pew

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PostSubject: Hunter -pew pew   Mon Jul 14, 2008 1:51 pm

General Information

Have you read our rules? Yes

Age (18 is required, unless you can prove your maturity): 27
Country: Romania
Language: Romanian, English, French,Portugues

Character Information

Name: Hyppex
Class: Hunter
Race: Orc
/Played Time: 53 days, 4 hours

Equipment (link to eu.wowarmory.com):

Previous guilds? If so, why did you leave?:
MiniFort (no free spaces in Fortitude to raid),Dragon Legion(best players left). In present,i'm in Lore - we are just a pack of players now. Sad

Computer Information

CPU: AMD Athlon +2800
Graphics card: GForce GT 7800
RAM: 2Gb
Connection type: ADSL - 6Mb

Would you consider your PC/connection stable, i.e. what is your FPS (frames per second) and latency?
I don't have probs. . 90-110 ms and 45-55 fps

Can you use Teamspeak? Not required to speak. Listening is required.

Raiding information

As a raiding guild with goals to get through as much stuff before expansion as we can, all members are asked to have at least 50% raid attendence, is this a problem for you?
NO,i'm coming here for raiding .

What is your raiding talent build?

What is your role in raids? (examples: maintank, offtank, dps, healer)
DPS- pew pew

What consumables do you consider useful for your raid role?
Arrows, mana/health pots,elixirs,food,bandages.

What is your previous raiding experience? (instances and bosses)
Pre-TBC : I had a rogue : Full MC, Full ZG, 1st boss BWL, full AQ20.
Post-TBC : all heroics,Full Kara, Full- ZA , 5/6 SSC, 3/4TK,1st boss MH.

Did you experience the above with the character/class you apply? (Y/N)
Post-TBC : Rogue(pre-TBC, mage and hunter(post-TBC)

Are you willing to respecc to the guilds needs; if accepted?

Additional Information

Why exactly do you want to join us?
Atm I can't raid in Lore, so this is the main reason.

What do you expect from us?
To be friendly and have fun together.

Why should we accept you?
You'll answer yourself maybe later at this question Wink
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Hunter -pew pew
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